Le logo et les flyers

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The logo

The image of the tent recalls the verse in Isaiah 54.2:

“Enlarge the site of your tent!”

It is also an invitation to come together « under the same tent ».

The silhouettes – one of the elements of the logo of the Synod of Bishops – sum up our humanity in all its diversity of life situations, generations and origins. They evoke the people of God on their way towards the tent, a space for fellowship and a place of God’s presence.

The logo and flyers

As you prepare to take part in “Together | Gathering of the People of God”, you might like to make use of the logo to create your own flyer adapted for your own group, movement or church pastoral service.

You can download the graphics of the logo in different formats here.

Elements to include when making your flyer

Please make sure that this information is given about “Together”:

The title of the event

“Together | Gathering of the People of God”

Please always use “Together” in English and then add the translation in your own language of “Gathering of the People of God”

For example, in French: “Together | Rassemblement du Peuple de Dieu”

in German: “Together | Versammlung des Volkes Gottes”

in Polish: “Together |Zgromadzeniu Ludu Bożego”

in Spanish: “Together | Encuentro del Pueblo de Dios”

in Italian: “Together | Raduno del Popolo di Dio”

in Portuguese: “Togther | Encontro do Povo de Deus »


From Friday 29 September to Sunday 1 October 2023.


In Rome and in various places around the world.

Who is involved in the preparations?

Already some fifty church groupings, of all denominational origins: Churches and ecclesial federations, communities and movements, youth ministry services. On the initiative of Taizé and in close collaboration with the Secretariat of the Synod in Rome, the Dicastery for the Promotion of Christian Unity, the Dicastery for the Laity, Family and Life, and the Vicariate of Rome. A list of partners involved will be regularly updated on the event website: www.together2023.net 

Who can take part in the gathering? 

The Saturday prayer vigil is open to everyone. Young adults from 18 to 35 can come to Rome from Friday evening to Sunday. They will be hosted by parishes and Christian communities of the city. 

What will be the programme for young people?  

  • Arrival on Friday

Young adults taking part in the whole weekend should arrive on Friday 29/09 afternoon. They will be assigned to a host parish which will offer them hospitality.

  • Saturday morning

Saturday 30/09 morning will start with a programme split up into different “pathways” with meetings in different parts of Rome. 

  • Workshops &  round-tables 

Participants will take part in workshops and round-tables on different themes in churches of different denominations and other places.

  • Praise and worship

A highlight of the weekend for young adults will be a time of praise and worship in an iconic location in the centre of Rome at the beginning of the afternoon on Saturday.

  • Prayer vigil

This ecumenical prayer vigil open to everyone will take place on St Peter’s Square in Rome on the Saturday evening. Pope Francis and representatives of different Churches will participate.

Further information


What you can add

  • Any information about preparation in your own locality, contact people and preparation meetings. 
  • Your own photos.
  • Your own website address and contact details

An example of a flyer can be downloaded here