How can we prepare?

Let us “Enlarge the site of our tent” (see Isaiah 54.2)

Let’s journey together

  • with leaders of the Christian Churches
  • with the people of God in all their diversity
  • with those who hear the cry of the earth
  • with those on the margins of our societies
  • with young adults from many countries
  • with people of all generations
  • with all who are seeking meaning in life

Every month, a support document can be found here with material and suggestions to help prepare for “Together” whether you are planning to come to Rome for the gathering or will plan an event in your home locality.

To download a flyer to help you invite others click [here]


If you would like to commit a little more in terms of time and energy, why not join one of the work-groups that will prepare the gathering? We need volunteers who can help between the period of March and October 2023 for a shorter or longer time depending on how long you can give. Some of the preparation doesn’t necessitate being in Rome but can be followed from a distance.

If you are interested, please contact We will get back to you and give you further information.