Inclusivity Charter

Together aims to be a gathering in which all are welcome, just as all are welcome in the heart of God.


‘Enlarging the space of the tent’ means that those who seem to be on the edges of our societies or of the Church can be heard and valued. As we walk together and join our voices in prayer, we want to affirm our hope that all God’s people will one day come together as one. By inviting us to welcome in our hearts those who are on the margins of society, the synodal journey means leaving no-one behind.

As we prepare for Together this means that we want to enable those who have too often been excluded to participate. Regardless of cultural or religious background, ability or disability, choice of lifestyle or relationships, documented or undocumented status, economic or life situation, each person’s presence is a gift to others and precious.

The prayer vigil will be a time of Christian prayer, but the programme is open for all. And as we prepare, we would like to encourage everyone to be careful with the language they use – never to seek to hurt or wound the other, but to listen to them as they are.

We encourage all who look forward to Together to reach out to those who have not yet heard the invitation or might not feel that they have a place in this gathering. Journeying together is key.

We are aware that, for many different reasons, some people will not be able to travel to Rome. Our deep desire is that they will join in communion with Together through prayers elsewhere in the world (please see the page “Prayers elsewhere in the world” for contacts of prayers in your region).

All those who come should be reassured that we will do all we can to facilitate the accessibility of the gathering and the safeguarding of participants.