Rome and Lazio: Participate in the programme of the Gathering

Can I participate in Together if I live in Rome or in Lazio?

Yes, of course, everyone is welcome to take part in the prayer vigil on St Peter’s Square, but also in the programme of workshops on Saturday 30 September morning.

What must I do if I want to go to the prayer vigil?

Just come along! St Peter’s Square will be open from 14.00 on September 30. There will be choirs and testimonies throughout the afternoon until the vigil begins at 17.00

But I’m no longer young!

It doesn’t matter! The invitation of Pope Francis is for a Gathering of the People of God and that includes all the generations, the tall, the small, the rich, the poor, people high up in society and people on the margins of society. Everyone is welcome.

Can we come as a parish group for the vigil?

That would be a very good idea! It could be a way of starting off the pastoral year for all the different groups in the parish and also of sharing in the Synodal journey of the universal Church. You could start with a prayer or Eucharistic celebration in the parish, have lunch together and then set off using public transport to St Peter’s Square all together. Do not forget to invite your parish choir: we will need their voices for the prayer on the Square!

Parish Caritas groups can also help involve local people with whom they are in contact. Making room for them in the parish delegation is one of the aspects of the synodal process.

But if I want to take part in the workshops on Saturday morning?

Everyone is welcome to take part in these workshops. If your parish is welcoming young people, you can accompany them to the workshop of their choice and participate yourself. But you must register – see below.

Is there any need to register?

If you come just for the prayer vigil in St Peter’s Square – no! And there is plenty of space for everyone!

For the workshop programme – yes. Details will be appearing on the website in August about how to do this.

For the whole programme, which involves the workshops, lunch, time of praise in St John Latran, the packed lunch and walk to St Peter’s – yes. Please follow this [link]