Plan for the Guardianship of Creation

Following the example of The Economy of Francesco, also for Together – Gathering of the People of God, we have conceived a Creation Care Plan with the aim of significantly reducing the environmental impact of the event, transforming it into an authentic Pilgrimage of Integral Ecology.

The Creation Care Plan initially focused on preventive actions and preliminary decisions:

  • Elimination of plastic bottles;
  • Use of public water and encouraging participants to bring their own water bottles;
  • Selection of locally sourced, preferably organic food;
  • Elimination of meat and fish from the catering, also due to their environmental, social, and ethical impact;
  • Reduction of packaging and consequent decrease in waste;
  • Fight against food waste.
  • From the preliminary choices, concrete operational decisions were made:


Use of disposable materials with a lower environmental impact, made from biodegradable and compostable materials compliant with UNI EN 13432. The resulting waste is destined for the organic fraction and subsequently conveyed to composting facilities. The containers for food were also designed with the same logic in mind, using sustainable materials.


For the catering: the service provider was asked to source from local producers. Distribution was planned with the support of young volunteers dedicated to the event. We chose to use ingredients typical of the Mediterranean Diet: cereals, legumes, and vegetables; healthy foods with a low environmental impact.


Special attention was paid to avoiding food waste, producing the necessary number of meals but considering any last-minute arrivals. Agreements were made with local organizations capable of immediately collecting unused meals and redistributing them to those most in need.


A selective waste collection system was organized, especially at the meal distribution location, and the installation of suitable containers was studied based on the event’s needs. Volunteers were stationed at collection points to facilitate the sorting of materials, providing assistance to those coming from foreign countries and unfamiliar with local regulations.

Although a carbon footprint was not calculated, a sustainability report will be prepared after the event.


We received the support of the following companies in this Pilgrimage of Integral Ecology:

  • ALL FOOD  the catering service provider.
  • ECOZEMA SOCIETÀ BENEFIT, which provided Mater-Bi cutlery and PLA and cellulose containers.
  • OIKURIA, responsible for the design of waste separation and the training of volunteers.
  • SISIFO SOCIETÀ BENEFIT, which conceived the Plan for the Guardianship of Creation project and coordinated the sustainability partners.