Practical information

  • Where will we stay?

During July and August, the Together team will send you the contact details of the coordinator in a parish or community where you will stay. It is then up to you to contact the coordinator, see with them where exactly you should arrive and keep them informed of your arrival time. You will arrive directly in the parish and not at a central welcome point.

It is important that you inform the parish coordinator of the exact number of people coming with you as your group develops and at the same time update your registration as the names of those travelling with you becomes clear.

You will stay with families or in parish halls in the assigned parish. You must accept the accommodation they offer.


  • When should we arrive?

At least by Friday 29 September evening and remember that you should go directly to your host parish or community. There will be no central arrival point for everyone.

If you want to arrive earlier that can be possible, but indicate this on your registration form. If you travel in the night of Thursday 28 – Friday 29 to arrive in Rome on Friday 29 morning, there will be some workshops for you to take part in on Friday afternoon already.


  • When should we leave?

Most people will leave on Sunday 1 October after lunch, but if you only leave on Sunday evening or Monday morning (indicate this on your registration form) there will be some workshops on Sunday afternoon in which you can take part.


  • What should we bring with us?

Everyone will need a sleeping bag and a sleeping mat. Your accommodation will be simple and probably on the floor. Bring toiletries and any medication you might need.

You will need ID, that you should keep with you at all times. Bring a sun hat and sunscreen. It can still be warm in Rome at the end of September. And a jacket for the evening when it gets cooler


  • And for the meals?

The packed lunch and supper that you will be given at midday on Saturday 30 September at the St John Lateran Basilica will be distributed in a bag. Bring also a plastic or cardboard cup (refillable water bottles will not pass through the security checks in St Peter’s Square) to fill from the many drinking water fountains in Rome. A re-useable spoon might be useful.

Saturday breakfast and Sunday lunch will normally be with your host family or parish.


  • What is the cost of the Together weekend?

The expected contribution for each person is 10€.
Please give your financial contribution online by credit card via your registration form before the meeting. (Please note that we cannot refund any transactions.)


  • What does this contribution cover?

This contribution will cover the costs of the meals and some of the organisation costs.


  • What does the contribution not cover?

You must cover the costs of your own transport during the Together meeting. For public transport, single usage tickets cost 1€50. The ticket is valid for 90 minutes and can be used on two means of transport within that time. Single usage tickets can be bought at Tobacconists.

You can also buy a 72 hour transport pass for 18€ or a 48 hour pass for 12€50. See for details.


  • How can we find out if there are other people near us who are going to take part in the Together weekend?

You can look at the page {Travel to Together in Rome}  to see who is organising journeys from different countries. If you would like your name to appear on this list, contact


  • And how can we prepare ourselves?

Take a look at the Prepare section and the Monthly Support Document. These will give you some ideas and help you join us on this path Together!