Some reactions to the news of “Together” after the preparation meeting in Taizé, November 2022

“Let us look for new ways to make Church together”

Br Alois, prior of Taizé

“The accompaniment of the Taizé brothers has been going on since the beginning of the Synod because a journey of unity and prayer is linked to this Synod”

Sr Nathalie Becquart, xmcj, from the General Secretariat of the Synod

“It is a joy to be here because when something happens in a Church, we must rejoice with it; this synod of the Catholic Church is very important”

Serge Sollogoub, Archpriest of the Ecumenical Patriarchate in France

“Taizé is a place for listening to the Holy Spirit; we talk a lot in the Church, but here I come to listen, to discern what we should do together. The process of the synod is also a process of listening”

Karin Johannesson, bishop of the Lutheran Church of Sweden

“I would like to express my great joy and deep gratitude to be here, to be with you, that we are together from different denominations for this project of praying together for a Church that is at a very important moment in its history. This way of understanding the links between our churches, links of interdependence, of solidarity, is essential in the ecumenical movement. And listening to the Word of God, letting the Holy Spirit inspire and guide us, is also part of this journey together”

Anne-Laure Danet, pastor, responsible for relations between the Christian churches for the French Protestant Federation

“For historical reasons and because of its role with the Holy See, Rome is not only the seat of the Catholic Church, it is an ecumenical city! This gathering is therefore a great opportunity to underline this. The disciples of Emmaus walked together with Christ and at the end of their walk, there was this sharing of the Eucharist for full communion; unity is given as we walk along. The synod of the Catholic Church is important for ecumenism (which is experiencing obstacles) because there is a dimension of listening in the synodal process, of listening to the sensus fidei of all Christians, and what can we learn from this? Synodality is lived differently in the Churches, we have to learn from other Churches”

Hyacinthe Destivelle, op, of the Dicastery for Promoting Christian unity

Messages by video

Claire Jonard: Pastoral worker for youth, Switzerland

Adriana Kwiatkowska: Wrocław Archdiocese, Poland

Photo: copyright Cedric Nisi