Safeguarding policy

In the run-up to the gathering, we endeavour to select with care and accompany all involved in the preparation team so that they may respond promptly to any concerns about the safety of persons and to any allegations made.

Before and during Together | Gathering of the People of God, we will:

– do everything possible to ensure that trust is not betrayed or abused.

– select and instruct all persons responsible for running the meeting to conscientiously recognise assaults and abuse and to respond according to our guidelines.

– urge all those involved in the meeting to immediately report any sexual harassment, abuse or violence they are personally affected by or notice around them to the following:
· the safeguarding team for Together | Gathering of the People of God
· the safeguarding officers of the host churches
· an independent specialised association

– take all reports of assault or abuse seriously and take the necessary legal action.

– respond to victims of abuse who wish to speak out, regardless of the nature of the abuse and when and where it occurred.

This safeguarding policy will be updated as the preparation of Together | Gathering of the People of God continues. Host communities will also receive guidelines.

The team
How can I report an incident?
How will participants be informed of safeguarding measures?
Personal pledge

The team

The safeguarding team for Together | Gathering of the People of God will:

– Receive reports of sexual assault, violence of any kind and spiritual abuse during the meeting, regardless of who is accused

– Listen with an open mind, take the person seriously and ensure that the reporting person understands and agrees with the further steps the team will take

– Report any case for which this is required by law

– Help those affected, who wish to do so, to take legal action

– Support those affected, though without being able to offer therapeutic help.

The team undertakes to work independently together with the safeguarding team of the Diocese of Rome and with autonomous association. It will treat the information related to its work as confidential. The information received through any reports will be recorded and stored in compliance with the European GDPR.

The team can be reached 24 hours a day during the preparation and gathering until 2 October via It will end its work on 2 October 2023, after which all information will be passed on to the Taizé safeguarding team appointed by the community, which will follow up ongoing cases.

The safeguarding team will operate from 1 March, 2023 to 2 October, 2023 and consists of:
Stefano Tedeschi – Languages spoken: it, es, fr, en
Ana Prades Villar – Languages spoken: es, it, fr, en

How can I report an incident?

If you witness a situation involving sexual abuse, violence of any kind, an attack on a person’s integrity or are yourself subjected to one, we would like to encourage you to speak up about it. Telling the appropriate people that something is troubling you can be a first step also towards protecting others. You will find people at the following addresses who can listen, offer advice and support and take the next steps.

1) Contact the Together | Gathering of the People of God safeguarding team: tel +39 3286493349 or via the address:

2) If you witness an incident, involve the person concerned and, if applicable, group leaders as well.

3) Do not take any measures in relation to persons against whom the allegations are made. The decision on how to proceed is made jointly with the safeguarding team and in consultation with the person concerned. If necessary, their legal guardian will be involved.

4) Please note down any indicators that can help to identify the person against whom the allegations are made: Place of origin, address of accommodation in Rome, vehicle registration number, etc.

5) The same procedure applies to excessive alcohol or drug consumption.

6) If you learn of an incident only after Together | Gathering of the People of God or were yourself affected, please contact the team appointed by the Community via the email address In addition, victim protection associations are available in the various countries. In the UK, for example, there is the NSPCC’s Childline service; +44 (0)808 800 5000. In the US call +1-800-422-4453 to reach the ChildHelp hotline. In Italy – 1522 – Help line violenza e stalking and

How will participants be informed of safeguarding measures?

Before Together | Gathering of the People of God:

– All hosts will receive a letter before the meeting via the coordinators of the host community with an overview of the measures taken for safeguarding people. In addition, they will be made aware of the full information on the website

– All participants will be informed by e-mail about the behavioural guidelines and safeguarding prior to the gathering. These are printed as well in a shortened version in the programme.
In addition, the full information on safeguarding will be available via the gathering’s app.

Arrival in Rome for Together | Gathering of the People of God:

– Care will be taken to ensure that everyone has understood the guidelines. Host community teams are briefed to answer any questions, address any existing ambiguities and refer to the gathering’s app for further clarification.

Personal pledge

Through hospitality, personal closeness and trust are created. These must not be used to the harm others. In view of this, everyone involved in Together | Gathering of the People of God will make a big effort to help build an atmosphere in which everyone, regardless of origin, culture or age, is treated with respect.

The following pledge will help to maintain healthy boundaries in our dealings with each other and to promote a culture of trust:

– I undertake to uphold the psychological, physical and sexual integrity of all persons and refrain from any behaviour that violates this. I will show the maximum respect for people’s privacy and intimacy
– By communicating openly, I will draw my counterpart’s attention to behaviour that transgresses my own boundaries.
– If I am affected by sexual harassment, spiritual abuse or violence or notice this happening around me, I will immediately inform the safeguarding team or a specialised agency.