Welcoming young people into your home!

Thousands of young adults from Europe will gather for Together | Gathering of the People of God

– To celebrate Christ, source of peace and true reconciliation, to pray, sing, be silent and share faith with thousands of other young people.

– To discover people from different cultures and their lives.

– To experience the Church as a leaven of unity and communion in the human family.

– To experience hospitality with local families.

Can you welcome two or more young people into your home for the 2 nights of this meeting?

Taking someone in is not that difficult! These young adults (aged 18 to 35) are pilgrims, not tourists. They can sleep on the floor. It is the welcome that counts, not the level of comfort. They only need two breakfasts and then lunch on Sunday 1 October. They will leave the house for the whole day to participate in the programme, which starts with morning prayer at 8.30am in a church in the centre. The organisers provide lunch and dinner on 30 September. After evening prayer, your guests will return home around 10pm. On Sunday  if it is possible there will be time to share lunch with the guests.

If you can accommodate two or more young people in your home: