News from Prayers elsewhere in the world working group

May 16, 2023

Who are we?

Working Group #6, which meets monthly online and uses different means of online communications, consists of Roslyn Rajasingam (Group Coordinator) who lives in Sydney, Australia, Yusuf Suharyono in Jakarta, Indonesia, Martin Gadient in Randa, Switzerland, Anne-Cathy Graber in Vancouver, Canada, and Brother Gĩthĩnji in Taizé, France.

What have we done?

Since February 2023, we have made initial contacts with various Church institutions, local communities, and prayer groups in different parts of the world. A list of contact persons from all continents and confirmed prayer sessions in different countries has been created, and Details Forms in English, French, German, and Spanish have been distributed. Information on these prayers will be published on the website on the page “Events map”

How to make a difference?

We need your support by organising ecumenical prayers in your area or encouraging prayer groups, of different ages and backgrounds,  to organise prayer vigils and preparation prayer sessions.  You may also conduct activities such as small group reflections, retreats, social visits, community service, or other simple ecumenical initiatives according to the needs of the group or local community.

Our goal is simply to encourage God’s people to walk together, to make pilgrimage together towards our bigger tent.

Will you join us on this journey?

What a wonderful sign: to come together throughout the world, as a small group or in a larger gathering, as sisters and brothers of different Christian traditions, the People of God, to pray for the Synodal Assembly that will start on October 4. Will you join us on this journey ?

For further information, please email us on