News from the ecological coherency working group

July 09, 2023

The event ‘Together | Gathering of the People of God’ will take place during the time of the “Season of Creation”. This is an ecumenical initiative that takes place every year from September 1 to October 4.

It seemed therefore important to include the dimension of ecological coherency in the preparation of the gathering. A working group was set up with this in mind. In a few weeks, an ecological charter will be published on this website. Today, we wanted to focus on an important factor: participants’ travel to Rome and its carbon impact.

Focus on travel to Rome

The travel of participants to Rome is the single largest contributor to the carbon footprint of the event. In order to be as coherent as possible, we would like to urge all those who are preparing their trip to take into consideration the ecological impact of their choices. As the infographic below shows, it is best to avoid flying and driving alone. If possible, the train or bus are very good options. But you can be even more inventive: why not hitchhike? Or take the time to discover Italy by bike?


To go further: Tim Götz, youth delegate in the World Lutheran Federation, explains his journey by tran from Germany to Rome for the “Together” preparation meeting that took place in March 2023.