News from the Praise and Worship Group

May 29, 2023

A time of worship with an orchestra and singers, a time to sing and pray in different styles, during our “Together | 2023” in the Lateran Basilica in Rome?

    …Did you ever dream of this?

    We are preparing it!


Since November, a joyful team has been meeting by zoom to organize a light, fun and refreshing praise service. This time of prayer will bring together musicians and singers from different Churches and different countries. It will take place on Saturday September 30, at the beginning of the afternoon.


The preparation staff includes:

  • Andreas Steingruber (Theologian, pastor, Fribourg, Switzerland)
  • Gerhard Proß (Moderator of Together for Europe, Lutheran Church, Esslingen, Germany),
  • Anne-Laure Danet (Pastor, Protestant Federation of France, Paris),
  • Arnaud Bonnassies (Catholic priest, Chemin Neuf, Paris, France),
  • Blandine Lagrut (Catholic consecrated sister, Chemin Neuf, Paris, France),
  • Simone Russo (Catholic priest, Chemin Neuf, Rome),
  • Matthew and Luc (Taizé brothers)

Our work has two main points of focus: to imagine the programme for this time of prayer (dances, songs, animations, languages, testimonies) and to set up the technical side (stage, light, sound, transportation) so that a good experience can be had by all.

The adventure has only just begun!