News from the Together Accessibility working group

April 21, 2023

From the outset, we listened to each other. It became clear that we felt it so important that in meeting together, no one should feel excluded. We want so much to witness to our hope for a Church in which all can come together as God’s people.

If we meet in Rome on the eve of the General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops of the Catholic Church, or elsewhere, we come together also as Christians from many different traditions, denominations and cultures, each with a part to play in building up the Body of Christ.

We want to be attentive also to those who do not believe, or no longer feel able to call themselves Christians.

We heard the desires of young people for a world in which people from all backgrounds, creeds and life situations can work together for the common good.

We felt it particularly important that in preparing for this gathering we should be attentive to the needs of those with disabilities, and that we should listen to the voices of refugees and migrants, and all those who are or feel themselves to be on the edges of our societies or of the Church, so that we can walk and pray together in this synodal journey.

As the paralytic man in John’s Gospel who is unable to enter the pool of Bethesda because he has no one to help him and others go down ahead of him, we would like to leave no-one behind.

The Inclusivity Charter  was drafted by a working group which has met online following on from the preparation meetings in Taizé and Rome.

The aim of the Charter is to express that our priority as we prepare for Together is for all God’s people to fell welcome and valued.

Read the Inclusivity Charter